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I’m the Carboholic.



No, seriously. I am the starchy-carb spokesperson of the universe. I once wrote a love letter to potatoes and sent it to the Idaho Potato Commission.


They… did not reply.


I’m also a 29 year old female, born and raised in beautiful Los Angeles. I’ve always had picky taste buds and a tiny frame, and ate French fries for dinner every  time we visited a restaurant for um, I don’t know, 20 years. I spent much of my teenage and early adult life as a vegetarian, with random stints as a vegan. As I got older, my love of vegetables suddenly expanded into an obsession with eating whole foods. I ate a steamed full head of broccoli every night with dinner for years. Broccoli!


But I also love me some processed flour and sugar. “Everything in moderation,” as my beloved Greek papou used to say.

I adore baking. I’m one of those people who comes home after a stressful day and I head straight to the kitchen and get my hands in some dough. Several years ago I picked up a package of yeast on a whim at the grocery store and decided I could make bread. After dumping many horribly risen, misshapen bricks of yeasted goods on everyone who knew me, I finally started to get some of them right.

Now, I bake daily–both for myself and for others–and have a steady stream of friends, family, and acquaintances who request and purchase sweets from my kitchen. My dream is to open my own bakery with my mother (who is an amazing cook) when she retires.



Quick facts:

  • I have two glorious pooches. They are the lights of my life.
  • I love potatoes with a blazing passion. I eat them every day.
  • I also love black iced espresso. It’s the only way I’ll consume my caffeine.
  • I. Hate. Traffic.
  • I’m a very picky eater.
  • I crack my knuckles. Like all the time.
  • I can almost match the world record for fastest Minesweeper win time (I’m one second off!).
  • I’m a badass at Sudoku
  • I crochet incessantly.
  • I’m basically your grandma in a 29 year-old body.
  • I curse sometimes. I’ve tried to give it up. But… no.
  • I used to tattoo. Back in my wild, non-grandma days.
  • I’m a crafty SOB. I crochet and knit, sew, build furniture, paint/strip/stain whatever you put in front of me, work with clay, paint, draw, illustrate, screenprint, whatever. I worked professionally in art production and fashion, have had many illustrations published, and even a book of poetry.
  • I play piano horribly and listen to classical music.
  • I love potatoes.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to use my recipes and their photos on your own blog but PLEASE link back to my site. And feel free to send me a message, letting me know about any recipe errors, typos, or broken links, or just to say hello!

Thanks for visiting!