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Posted on Jan 21, 2014 | 0 comments

Simple Roasted Baby Potatoes

Simple Roasted Baby Potatoes

Time for a simple potato recipe.

As with the other one, it’s more a technique than an actual recipe. It can be adapted to any mix of seasonings, spices, or herbs.



In all my years of fanatical potato cooking (and eating), I’ve found the best approach is to cook low and slow in a moderate oven. It’s easy, fuss-free, and lets the inside of the potato cook like a proper baked potato (moist and fluffy), while the skin slowly crisps up to a snappy golden brown.

So often, I see recipes which instruct you to roast potatoes upwards of 400 or 450 degrees. This results in nice crispy skins, but the insides are dry or (worse) underdone. Or you see recipes with multi-step approaches (soaking, rinsing, microwaving, parboiling, etc.) and most people won’t take that kind of time on a weeknight.

Baking at 350 or 375 will give you all the perfection of a French fry.

These ‘taters need no adornments aside from salt and pepper, but of course you can add spices, seasonings, or herbs to your liking.



So, just plan ahead for dinner and give your potatoes an hour or so to cook. They take literally 2 minutes to get into the oven, so you can throw them in there and forget about them while you take a shower, round up the kids, or check your e-mail. In the end, you’ll have perfectly roasted potatoes as a great side to any meal.


Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350 F. Wash your spuds in a colander and dry. Lay some aluminum foil or parchment on a baking sheet for easy cleanup (hey, why not?) and dump your ‘taters in it. Drizzle lightly with olive oil, season with salt and pepper (or any herbs and seasonings), then shake the whole thing up so the potatoes are evenly coated. Now just slide the pan into the oven and walk away.




Step 2: After 20 minutes, go shake your pan around. You just want the golden bottoms to flip around so your ‘taters get toasty on all sides. Now walk away again for 20 minutes.


Step 3: Repeat step 2.


Step 4: Done! Sprinkle with a bit of coarse salt just before serving and enjoy.




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